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Limited Participants - Reserve Your Presence As Soon As Possible. August 1, 2020


The Honey Jar Service I Use To Sweeten Goals, Wishes & Luck Into Your Favor!

(Friendships, Love, Money Matters, Court Case, Gain Someone's Trust, Protection, Give Me That Money, Success, Marriage, Strength, Conquer & etc..


Please, One Request Per Person!


In the note section below or email me SentStarr555@gmail.com

Your request and your complete name and your date of birth! If your request includes another person, include everyone's name and date of birth.


Your request i will bless with my spiritual oils to match your request! I also use known herbs, roots, powders to dress your petition. Of course pray over your individual request and added it to our Group honey jar.


I Send Pictures To Your Email!


I will keep our gorup honey jar for safe keeping, since it will have everyone's information.

Sweeten Your Wishes - Group "Honey Jar" Service Aug 1, 2020