Saint Expedite Candle Service - April 19th - Feast Day!

(( THIS IS A SERVICE )) Not A Product.


Honor Saint Expedite - April 19th Ceremony With Me! 
Saint Expedite is a powerful Holy Spirit of those who needs their prayers answered quickly, who need to end a delay, or who want financial success. He is very helpful in emergencies, including those involving legal or business issues, and for anyone who wants to overcome procrastination as a personal bad habit. This service has been uniquely designed to help you manifest your desires in a fast and in any area of your life that is lacking.
While in the ceremony, Saint Expedite will be, honored, and praised through offerings, prayers, and dedications. You will have (1) candle reserved for you that will be dressed, blessed, and lit in honor for your special request to him. Special, powerful oils for your candle will be chosen depending on your individual request.
A 7-day Candle will be burned on behalf of our group. In this novena, each applicant's petition will be honored as well with a single candle dressed and prayed over, then placed around the 7 day candle. I will leave offerings of red wine, red roses, and pound cake for Saint Expedite and thank him for his assistance.
Saint Expedite, very powerful and effective spirit, turned to throughout the globe for quick results and material intercession, especially in the case of emergencies. Most famous for delivering fast cash and bringing a fast end to lawsuits and nonsense. 
Manifest your desired results April 19, 2020
I will need your name and your one most desired material intercession, our monetary emergencies. You may email me

Many Blessings! 
- SentStarr555

FAST LUCK - Saint Expedite Candle Service - 4/19/20