Road Opener/ Fame/ Success In Business & Money Drawing "Group" Service is used to bring in Huge financial blessings, prosperity, and success into your life!


As The Ole Saying Goes When 2 Or More Come Together With The Same Intention It'S Going To Manifest..


Tuesday August 16, 2020 - (ONLY BEST LUCKY DAY IN AUGUST 2020, For Good Luck, Business & Money Drawing - Astrologically Speaking) 


NOTE: This is a service! - Limited Participants - Reserve Your Presence As Soon As Possible.


During the Group service, a candle will be anointed with appropriate blessed powders/ herbs/ oils and lit for you on your behalf. I will read your special request out loud, as the candle burns. 


In the note section below, include your full name and date of birth.

Tuesday August 16, 2020

Road Opener/ Success In Business/ Money Drawing Service August 16, 2020