• REAL ROSE PETALS---These are all real natural dried red rose petals, good looking and still have fragrance
  • FOR USE IN MANY OCCASIONS---Wedding and gift decoration, or enjoy a flower bath
  • GOOD PACKING---Packing with plastic cup and seal bag, save space, easily to be stored in the refrigerator
  • NATURAL PERFORMANCE---Natural scent, additive-free,Environmental. Putting the used petals into your garden as organic manure is a good choice.
  • NO HARMFUL FOR ENVIRONMENT--After used, can also put them into your garden as fertilizer


Use rose petals in a variety of ways in my Pagan practice. I lay them atop my altar during Ostara to welcome spring.  I might covertly carry a pouch filled with red petals in my purse during a date to enhance my desirability.  Additionally, ground-up rose petals feature as a common ingredient in many rituals and teas.


I regularly create a ritual bath mixture using crushed dried rose petals.  Bathing in this aroma infuses the power of attraction deep into my skin and enhances my confidence.  In this way, ritual baths can be used as a powerful form of glamour magic.


Pamper yourself with a rose ritual bath as part of your beauty routine.  Strode in with a confident smile across your lips and a secret gleam of magic shining through your eyes.  A refined grace will enchant your walk as you make your way through any scene.  

Organic Rose Petals - Dried Rose Petals - Natural Bath Spa