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$15 includes Shipping Cost

Pack Of 6 Comes with 1 candle color, your choice.

(1) Spell Candle Small Dripless for Chimes, Magic, Congregation, Vigil Candlelight, Rituals, Party Decorations

(Please Indicate Color - Yellow, Green, black, white, pink, blue, purple, red, orange and ivory).


READ THE MANY USES AND PURPOSES THE CANDLES HAVE: They are commonly used in chime holders, for wicca supplies, witchcraft candles, pagan altar candles, voodoo, hoodoo, magic, spells, ceremony, in memory of a loved one, dinner, party decorations, home décor, Hannukah candlelight, Christmas Angel Chime Candles and Shabbat.

PLEASE READ DIMENSIONS BEFORE BUYING TO MAKE SURE THEY FIT YOUR CANDLE HOLDER: Diameter: 7/16", that is 1 mm less than a half inch. Height: 4 inches. Burn time: up to 1.5 hours.

Wicks are 100% cotton and wax is paraffin.

Pack Of 6 Spell Candles Any Color

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