Hamsa Hand Amulet  For Magical Protection From Jealousy & Envy!

Comes With "ONE" Bracelet

Shipping + Handling Included

Evil Eye = Strength, Power & Blessings.


Tiger's Eye - Stone Of Protection

Known to bring Good Luck to the wearer

Mental clarity, focus the mind, psychic abilities, Peace & Balance


Black Tourmaline - Stone Of Protection

Accepts Positive Energy

Balance chakras, Clarity, Reduce Fears & promotes Serenity


Onyx - Stone Of Protection

Gives strength, Banish grief

 Stimulates power & wise decisin making


Obsidian - Stone Of Protection

Forms a shield against negativity

Blocks attacks, absorbs negative energy from the environment

Strong psychic protection, stimulate the gift of prophesy & boost precognition

Must Have! Protection Jewelry For Men & Women