(This Is A Service & Not A Product) - READ THIS DESCRIPTION BOX TO END!!


Limited Participants - Reserve Your Presence As Soon As Possible. September 16, 2020


The Honey Jar Service I Use To Sweeten Goals, Wishes & Luck Into Your Favor!

(Friendships, Love, Money Matters, Court Case, Gain Someone's Trust, Protection, Give Me That Money, Success, Marriage, Strength, Conquer & etc..


Please, One Request Per Person!


In the note section below include

Your request and your complete name and your date of birth! If your request includes another person, include everyone's name and date of birth.


Your request i will bless with my spiritual oils to match your request! I also use known herbs, roots, powders to dress your petition. Of course pray over your individual request and added it to our Group honey jar.


I Send Pictures To Your Email!


I will keep our group honey jar for safe keeping, since it will have everyone's information.

"Group Honey Jar Service"- Sweeten Your Wishes!