Golden Wisdom From Ancient Times..


Introducing Daughter of Isis. "Aphrodite" - Goddess Of Love, Sexual Desire, Erotic, Beauty & Anything Glamorous.


Worth Every Penny!


Use this Luster oil to gain the attention from others, glamour/ love prayers and in all of your bath and body products. Use as a natural perfume to entice love, apply a little over your neck & breast area to attract.. and on your heart area to give a little love to yourself!

Aphrodite oil smells spicy and sweet. Those who give dedication and honor to

"The Goddess Of Love Aphrodite" would wear this, as would anyone seeking to develop their own powers of seduction, conversations, or to improve self image.


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Comes With A Free Gift to try My Mediterranean - Greek Oil Blend - Multi Use Oil Moisturizer - Organic for Face, Body, Skin, Dry Hair, Scalp, Foot, Cuticle and Nail Care. Natural Body oil for Men and Women.

Milk Of "Aphrodite" Oil - Goddess Of Love, Sexual Desires Comes With Free Gift