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5 Top Selling Best Smelling Colognes For Men 2019

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Calling these top-selling men’s colognes ubiquitous, if you must. Some are the perpetual best-sellers, scents that everyone loves and keeps nearby. There’s no mistaking the popularity of some of these fragrances. While others are oldies - goodies that have never gone out of style.

Quality cologne that brings pleasure and joy to many people I'd say it is worth of recognition.

1. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.3-Ounce

La nuit de L'HommeYves saint LaurentEau de toilette spray 3.3 oz/100 mlA combination of freshness, tone and comfort with notes of Cardamom, Cedar, and CoumarinBright, masculine freshness combines with sophistication and nonchalance for a deep, mysterious and sensual fragrance.

Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum? The difference lies in the volume of perfume oil. While Eau de Toilette contains 5-9%, Eau de Parfum contains more, usually 8-14%. Eau de Parfums therefore last longer and smell more intense.

It's been said even after an extensive collection of fragrances. None get more compliments from the ladies than this one.

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2. Sauvage by Chrisitan Dior Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce

Design House:Christian DiorProduct:SauvageFresh top notes of Calabria bergamot encounter ambroxan, obtained from precious ambergris, and its woody trail

It's Been Said First Impressions Are lasting With This One!

3. Curve Crush for Men Cologne Spray, 4.2 Fl. Oz

Introduced in the year 2004, by the design house of Liz ClaiborneCurve Crush is a fresh scent blended of clean crisp herbs with tones of warm musk and mossThis Product Is Manufactured In USACrush is impulsive! It’s an overwhelming sensation that makes your heart pound and abandon caution. It’s an adventure that’s unplanned, but a journey you definitely want to take. It’s living life like there’s no tomorrow – just right now.An energetic jolt of super-charged freshness heightened by clean, crisp herbs and surrounded by a background of warm musk and moss.Impulsive…Unexpected…Intense

It's been said Curve Crush seemed to be a good alternative to the original Curve Wave.

4. BLEU DE C H A N E L Spray Eau de Toilette Pour Homme 1.7oz BRAND NEW

BLEU DE C H A N E L Spray Eau de Toilette Pour Homme 1.7oz BRAND NEW IN BOX SEALEDSymbol of good taste and is currently one of the best selling perfumes in the world

It's Been Said To Be A favorite ever... masculine and gets noticed in a nice way. Lots of compliments. 2 sprays should do... don’t over do it

5. Gucci Intense Oud EDP

Oud stands out for all the right reasons.

This fragrance many not be a hard-care oud by Middle Eastern standards, but it has so much going for it to compensate.

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